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Cakepunk Studio Birthday PARTY Packages: 

Events will be held at your home or venue.

Minimum 6 people.


Your event includes  1 hour of instruction, 6 studio fees (tools, supplies & cleanup), 6 decorating kits, and a serving cake to eat. You can add up to 14 more decorators after making the deposit. Numbers will be confirmed within a week of your event.


Parties with kids 7 years old and younger will need a dedicated helper for each child.


This payment is the non-refundable deposit. 


Party Package

Minimum 6 Decorators, To a Max. of 20 Decorators (more than 6 is an additional per person cost)in studio. Offsite is unlimited.

- 4” Mini (4 serving) buttercream finish Cake $400+tax

- 4” (6-8 serving) buttercream finish Cake $445+tax

- 6” (14 serving) Buttercream Finish Cake $565+tax

- Sugar Cookies (8) $385+tax

- Nailed It! $565+tax

Birthday Party! - Deposit

Excluding Sales Tax
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