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Our Story


Cakepunk is located in Calgary, AB and is an event space and cake decorating studio. We provide everything you need, from the scratch baked cake, in-house made buttercream icing, fondant, and tools to create your own cake. A collaborative of local cake artists bring their unique styles to the table, working with groups and parties to share our knowledge and show everyone how much fun sugar art can be!  Ours is a nut-free/aware facility where we host different types of events such as birthday parties, date nights, workshops, team building and much more!

Cakepunk originated from a group of talented mothers, creatives, bakers and cake decorators getting together to create a fun creative and learning environment,  There is a need for a place where one can host a party with friends to create something artsy and delicious, host their birthday, their child's birthday party, or purchase a kit that will provide them with everything they need, including instruction, to make their own cake. We believe in great experiences, a positive learning environment and giving the customer the excitement of contributing to the best part of a cake, the decorating!


The Cakepunk Mission

Our mission is teach, empower, and create with others. We help people have a fun, delicious and memorable experience by providing quality recipes, products, tools and qualified personable instructors.

Meet the Team

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