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Allergy Disclaimer

Here at CAKEPUNK INC, we aim to provide our customers with cake options that meet a variety of dietary restrictions such as: gluten-free, nut-free, vegan, or dairy-free. We take pride on knowing each and every ingredient that goes into our baking each day, and controlling what ingredients are in our kitchen. While our staff will always take the extra step to prevent any concerns related to allergies, we ask our customers to please take note of the exceptions below.


1) Peanut Allergies: Our Studio operates as a nut-free environment. This means that we don't bake with any ingredients containing nut products, and we don't decorate with them either. Unfortunately, we can't control potential contamination of ingredients before they enter our location, nor can we prevent contamination by other customers in our common areas.

2) Gluten sensitivities/allergies: Our Studio is not a gluten-free environment. In cases where customers request a gluten-free option, we will do our best to ensure a safe product by completing all of our gluten-free baking at the start of the day when our kitchen is at its cleanest, and we have not started any baking with other ingredients containing gluten. Our staff take extra care with cleaning of common surfaces, bake ware and decorating tools to limit potential contamination.


Any customers with allergies are advised to consume our products based on their own personal comfort level. We are happy to discuss any further questions or concerns at any time, and invite our customers to come by the SHOP, call us or email us through our Contact Page.

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