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As often happens in my life, I think I know what I'm talking about, then I'm proven wrong. By me. I did (and still do in some cases) think I was a genius for painting my own custom backdrops. They were cost-effective and I could do whatever I wanted. That is still true. But like many things in this world, the time costs more than the actual materials. I kept meaning to try out some different designs, but just couldn't find the minutes. And so, I looked around for cheaper alternatives. I found some! I have needs! I like options! I can't be pigeonholed into one specific look! Well, thank you Amazon!

I got a chance to make a beautiful cake for a beautiful couple, and used it as an opportunity to try out all of my new backdrops. I have already learned about placement, how far down they need to be, and how to set it up. They are fun, and I look forward to making things look pretty with them!

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