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A Sweet Farewell

I had just completed my Michael's course 3. My portfolio included cakes made for my daughter and a couple of her friends. I heard that the Calgary Stampede has a cake decorating competition, so I decided that it would be fun to do a Harry Potter themed cake. I spent countless hours, and lots of love making something I was sure wouldn't win anything, but had a purpose. That's why I made this cake. Because I wanted to. Because it was fun to play with sugar. I really believe that is why it is easily the most loved piece I've ever made. Well, that and everyone loves Harry Potter.

I've had this cake in my basement since 2011. Well, 2010 since I started late that year. I have tried to dismantle it several times, but there is just so much LOVE in it! I really needed to do something with it, but I just couldn't. So a couple of weeks ago, when a friend contacted me to say that her daughter's grade 6 class had chosen a Harry Potter theme for their graduation, and they wanted some cupcakes, I offered up my first love. Initially I had said I would loan it for a centerpiece. Then after giving it more thought, I decided this was meant to be, and I gifted it to the class. I feel so completely at peace with this decision, I really feel like it was meant to be. It makes me so happy that not only did it go to Harry Potter fans, who could appreciate all of the crazy little details, but it also went to people who appreciated the time, energy and love it took. It puts a smile in my heart. <3 What more could you want?


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