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Hannah's Birthday Treats

I am friends with more cake people on Facebook than people I know in person. And I certainly hear from cake people more too. It's wonderful! ^_^ It's also fun to see new tricks and tips. That's where I saw a video tutorial on these fun chocolate covered Oreo cookies! I saw them and I thought, "THAT is better than sending cupcakes to school!" I'm not poo-pooing cupcakes, but it is less mess to transport these.

It was just as quick and easy to make these as the video said. I bought some good quality callebaut chocolate in the bulk section at Superstore and a silicone muffin pan and went crazy! I did learn the hard way that when it comes to the sprinkles, more is better as the chocolate will drip through if there aren't enough. Besides that, I am SO happy with this fun treat.


I had some leftover white chocolate, so I was playing around and piping things. The "Hannah" blob probably didn't have to be in the picture. ;)

Here is a link to the video tutorial I used: No surprise that it is "My Cupcake Addiction". That woman has so many amazing tutorials!

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