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In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Things have been very busy this year! Besides trying to get a kitchen up and running, I've been working on some "portfolio" pieces and making a name for myself. I've been networking a little bit, which is also very new for me, but I actually enjoy it, and basically just love looking at, talking about, and making, cakes and cookies.

I had the privilage of being invited to join a few cake collaborations! The first of which is being officially revealed on Monday. The theme is....."May The Fourth Be With You!" Super fun to be part of this! Here's the story behind my entry:

I said YES! right away when I was invited to join a Star Wars collaboration, but actually had a lot of trouble getting excited about a design idea. I considered doing a tiered cake with a Dagobah theme and the X-Wing topper that looks like it's floating (or being suspended with FORCE alone...) but still...not excited. Then I had to listen to that little voice in my head that had been constantly trying to remind me of an illustration by artist Chris Wahl of a Star Wars/Calvin & Hobbes mash-up (Best Buddies). Brain knows best. Once I finally conceded to Brain, I got to work. Here is the result!

Best Buddies.JPG

Best Buddies 2.JPG

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