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DIY Backdrop

I believe that the key to good cake marketing is a good photograph. When you look at my portfolio page, I'm sure you'll think, "Really?" As I've said before, this is just the start of my cake journey. Taking photos of the cakes wasn't my priority before, but it is now! So, I need a decent backdrop!

I did quite a bit of shopping around for backdrops before finally deciding to make my own. I REALLY like the Bakedrops(TM) at Sugar High Inc. but they are in American dollars, and then shipping is crazy on top of that. There are a few other places that sell nice ones, but they are even more costly. So here's what I did...


$15 canvas drop cloth from Home Depot

Acrylic paints (I used Basics from Michaels, $3.99/tube on sale)

Glazing medium (optional)



Paper to protect floor

The drop cloth comes in a few different sizes. I got the cheapest, which works out because it's a "hallway" one, and 4' wide. I cut this into 3, 4'x5' segments.


I initially thought I would use a rag to apply the paint, so that there was a very blendy look to the paint, but this didn't work very well. The rag just soaked up a ton of paint. Hence why it says 'paintbrush' and not 'rag' in the materials list.

Rag vs. brush.  Not too pretty at the moment, but wait for it.

I mixed about 2 tbsp of paint, 2 tbsp of glaze and about 1/3 cup of water at a time. (I used less than half the tubes of paint) The photo above shows the rag (left) and brush (right) effects. Not much to look at now, but hang in there.

I started by marking a line across the width of the canvas about a foot and a half up. My favourite backdrops are what they call 2-in-1's that look like a floor and wall, even though it's one piece. At this point, I hadn't decided what it was going to look like, so I was just winging it. I painted a big splotch of yellow in the centre, and along the "bottom" to define the edge.

I specifically made this backdrop for a cake I made for a Patreon cake contest hosted by Liz Marek of Artisan Cake Company. The theme is Textures: White on White. So I knew I wanted some bright, bold colours. That is another amazing benefit of doing this yourself, you can make a custom backdrop based on the cake you want to display!

Here is the finished backdrop lying flat.


And here it is with the cake.


I made this backdrop in a rush. I decided to do this cake at the last minute. The paint on the bottom is actually still wet when I took these photos. (We needed to eat that cake!) I can see some places that need touching up, but overall, it serves its purpose beautifully!

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